Online shopping is one of the internet’s favorite pastimes. Most people buy their clothes online these days simply for the convenience and the wide variety of options available. With the dwindling popularity of fast fashion, people are becoming more conscious about the quality and lifecycle of their clothing.

Fashion e-commerce is a booming industry that can be a double-edged sword for customers. Of course, it means more options, but it also means being more prone to impulsive buying. When you can buy clothes with just a few clicks, you won’t think about it too long.

There are plenty of great clothes online. You just need to be sure you’re buying the right ones. That is why you need a checklist of things before making a purchase. Here are some essential to-dos before clicking the checkout button!

Do Your Research

Online shopping allows you to get to know an item and the brand more before you buy anything. Inside brick-and-mortar stores, it can get pretty hectic. There is so much to contend with—people, music, the general atmosphere—that it might be hard to decide in peace. 

Shopping online will give you the time to study certain pieces of clothing before you buy. You can find out more about the materials used, which is important if you happen to have any skin sensitivities. If what you’re buying is a classic piece of clothing, you can compare pricing. That’s something you can’t and probably don’t have the time to do in person, because you would have to go to multiple stores. 

Your research should include reviews. When you’re unsure of an item, it’s best to read what previous buyers said about the product. If you can find the store’s social media, that will also provide you with tons of helpful information about their service, customer service, and quality. 

Be Flexible

Not all websites or shopping portals are made equal. The quality of a store’s online shop is important, but we should remember that looks can be deceiving. Not every store will have the same quality of graphic design, layout, and product photography, so it’s important to be open and flexible in your search for clothes.

Colors and looks may also vary depending on several factors. Products that are hand-made and hard to produce will not all look the same to the product photo. Often you’ll find a disclaimer from the shop for items like that. However, sometimes even the products that are mass-produced and uniform can be inconsistent with the product photo when you receive the item. 

All in all, just like how you need to be open and flexible to the shop’s aesthetics, you need to be the same with their products if you’re taking the chance of buying from a shop online.

Know Your Body

Online shopping expands your wardrobe to more international brands. While this is great, you need to be mindful of sizing. We come in all shapes and sizes, and so do fabrics. Your sizing will vary depending on the country and how a particular fabric fits. This is why research is essential. 

The sites will usually list the sizing that they follow, it can be US, UK, and so on, or they’ll provide the measurements for each size, so be sure to review those sizing charts. You can also measure similar pieces of clothing from your closet to come up with an average size that you can rely on for most stores.

The Bottom Line

Buying clothes is fun, but it can also be a pain in your wallet if you don’t do the proper research. There are plenty of online shopping horror stories out there. From the wrong size to completely misjudging the quality of the material—these are all avoidable risks. However, there are far more success stories that don’t get talked about. 

Online shopping is a chance to build a totally unique wardrobe and make smarter purchases. The biggest con to it is that you can’t try the clothes on. But with some experience, research, and deep digging, you can completely avoid bad online purchases.

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