Fashion Golden, Rose Gold or Silver Alloy Letter Bracelet Snake Chain Charm Bracelet


Personalized & Meaningful Jewelry, Order your letter and favorite metal color + Free Shipping.

Available in Golden, Rose Gold or Silver.

Allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.


Product information
Product name: knotted letter bracelet
Material: Alloy
Size length: one size
Weight: 10 grams
Package: bag packaging

Weight 29.0 lbs
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 50 in

Golden B, Silver T, Golden A, Silver S, Silver V, Silver U, Golden F, Silver X, Golden E, Silver W, Golden D, Silver Z, Golden C, Silver Y, Golden J, Rose gold F, Golden I, Rose gold E, Golden H, Rose gold D, Golden G, Rose gold C, Golden N, Rose gold B, Golden M, Rose gold A, Golden L, Golden K, Golden R, Rose gold N, Golden Q, Rose gold M, Golden P, Rose gold L, Golden O, Rose gold K, Golden V, Rose gold J, Golden U, Rose gold I, Golden T, Rose gold H, Golden S, Rose gold G, Golden Z, Rose gold V, Golden Y, Rose gold U, Golden X, Rose gold T, Golden W, Rose gold S, Rose gold R, Rose gold Q, Silver B, Rose gold P, Silver A, Rose gold O, Rose gold Z, Rose gold Y, Rose gold X, Rose gold W, Silver L, Silver K, Silver N, Silver M, Silver P, Silver O, Silver R, Silver Q, Silver D, Silver C, Silver F, Silver E, Silver H, Silver G, Silver J, Silver I


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